Learning Russian Dating Can Be Disastrous If You Neglect These Ten Simple Rules

Russian etiquette keeps specific customs for meal time. Photo Russian solyanka hot soup of vegetables and meat with lemon picture by Arkady Chubykin from Fotolia.com

Russia is a country steeped in culture and tradition with many well known traditions dating back thousands of years. Modern Russian citizens have integrated a number of western concepts in their daily lives such as enjoying quick food and American films, but a number of older Russian etiquette principles remain intact, especially in regards to meal time.

Never turn down an invitation to someone’s house for food or drinks since it’s considered a fantastic honor to be asked and falling will be deemed exceptionally impolite. Arrive on time and be sure to bring the host or hostess a small present such as fruit or wine.

A fantastic Russian host will put http://www.pornktube.porn/videos/15612/naughty-russian-girls-eva-elfie-nata-ocean-seduce-nerd-for-their-homework/ more food on the table than any sensible person could possibly eat as a means of indicating there’s a fantastic amount of accessible provisions and guests should feel free to consume as much as they like. Second helpings will be provided quite a few times to reinforce this belief, while it’s accurate or not.

Do not eat before your host starts eating. Russians use conventional European table manners, so the fork belongs in the left hand and the knife, if present, belongs from the proper. Keep your hands visible for the duration of your meal and keep your elbows off the table. Use your bread to mop up any extra gravy, but don’t completely clean your plate to do this is to suggest the host didn’t provide a sufficient quantity of food.

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Do not be taken aback by repeated supplies to refill your plate as this is a common Russian clinic. Politely refuse and enhance the cook and the host onto the fine, but meal. Do not get up from the table before the host invites you to do so. Upon increasing, ask whether there’s any way you can be of help in cleaning up. The hostess will generally deny russiandate.org, but will appreciate the offer.

Men customarily pour the drinks for the women sitting together. A toast frequently accompanies those shots. Vodka shots are generally followed with a little snack.

Do not create after dinner plans as your hosts are looking forward to spending time with you once the meal is over. To be considerate, you shouldn’t plan to depart before the guest of honor has gone. If you’re the guest of honor, bear this in mind and don’t stay too late, even though your host seems to insist upon it. One to two hours after ingestion is generally sufficient.

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