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Rental scams – Scams in which a scammer poses as a landlord or curious renter. If you answer, you will be in fact communicating and chatting with computer software. Debt collection scams – Scams in which the scammer attempts to employ services to collect a supposed debt.

All emails or instant messages that you receive from girls on this site are absolutely bogus, computer-automated messages, sent to you along with other site members with no human involvement. Seminar scams – Scams involving invitations to a fake seminar. EXCERPT FROM THE TERMS OF SERVICE: "You further understand, acknowledge, and agree that, Fantasy livejasmin home Cutie profiles may contact both free users and paid customers with computer or human generated interactions to the purposes listed above.

Pet scams or pet scams – Scammers posing as a someone selling or giving out a pet. These interactions may be initiated to several users simultaneously or within a small time frame. " Fraudulent sites used in scams – Scammer-created sites taken for advance fee fraud. We found out that not all individuals on are false and not all communications are all computer-automated. Army leave scam – Army leave division USA request for leave scam. This could have turned the entire story around, if we hadn’t examine in the Terms of Service document that the real people on the site are employees, hired and paid to communicate with you personally.

To learn more and Anti Fraud News see They are hiding behind the "Fantasy Cuties" profiles and their occupation is to make correspondence with site members as natural as possible and tempt you into paying for a monthly membership fee until you discover the scam. In case you have received a scam email you want to report to us, then please register to place it on our forum. Interactions originating from Fantasy Cuties performance might be computer generated or could be created by the Site or third party contractors hired by the Site. We welcome your submissions. Staff of Site or third party contractors hired by the Site could function several Fantasy Cutie profiles and associated communications characteristics. " In case you have been a victim of a scam and would like to discuss your own story, please place in Personal Accounts of Scams.

Paying for dating solutions is not a bad thing. In case you have questions or feedback about our site, or have trouble with enrolling, please use the ‘contact admin’ button to get the site administrator. However, it poses a big problem when you are charged real money, not get what you paid for. Please don’t use this address to forward scam mails as they will usually get caught in spam filters. will deceive you into believing the girls behind the profiles and their messages are genuine, and then take you to a payment page where they ask you to upgrade your basic membership into a paid subscription.

Here is how much they will charge their customers for projected intervals of time: is associated with Global Personals Media which owns sites such as and Basic Membership. This site like innumerable other scam dating sites uses images of attractive women that aren’t actual members of the site (not all images are imitation but a good portion are). $8.85 for a 3-day trial membership interval (automatically renewed at $29.95) $29.95 for 1 month of membership (automatically revived ) The site employs geo targeting to make it appear as though the women in the images you are seeing are situated alongside you. Gold Membership. You’ll get instant messages soon after creating a free account on the site.

It is fairly clear that is a site that is associated with other internet dating websites that are available to scam you and utilizes exactly the exact same scamming techniques to get to your cash. You will get emails from women wish to hook up with you (even though your relationship profile has no photographs and very little info). knows that you cannot meet any girls on their site, which also raises the question why are they called a "dating site" if their only aim will be to rip you off. deceives people using images of women (nude & clothed) that aren’t actual members of the site. After reviewing, we do not urge anybody to register and or this site.

This is done in order to grab the eye of sexy men in order that they will sign up and buy a pa >automated chat software to send instant messages to people that seem to be delivered by real women are actually false.

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